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STEWART BISHR FINANCIAL LOAN OFFER,APPLY. This is Stewart Bishr international lending company responsible for investing and also offering loans to interested persons for any purpose. Educational, Agricultural, Personal, and more.

Manufacturer & Exporter of Scientific Glass & Laboratory Glasswares

Starting with simple scientific laboratory glassware, today, the company produces the complete range of Industrial Process Glass Equipment including large diameter distillation columns, glass distillation apparatus, heat exchanger, reaction vessels.

Histologist, Pathology Lab

Histologist needed for DCH Regional Medical Center. Responsible for accuracy in the process and preparation of tissue specimens for pathological examination. Must have a working knowledge of histology, histology equipment/instruments and computers.

Portable hand-held electrochemical analyser

The Uniscan PG581 is a high quality digital scanning potentiostat-galvanostat. The compact design provides a user-configurable instrument for lab based electrochemistry and corrosion applications and in-field use via its internal rechargeable battery

Clinical Trials in India

Hospital-based CRO in India will conduct phase II-III clinical trials in India. The cost could be roughly half of doing clinical trials in the US. Additionally we can help with pre-clinical trials with an experienced CRO in India.